Hello! I hope you are staying safe and healthy. My name is Ethan McAndrews, and I am a college student worried about isolation in these increasingly isolating times. In March 2020, I gathered a group of friends and students and created the volunteer network, Phone-A-Friend, to provide community-based COVID-19 relief. Our mission is twofold; we aim to connect students with seniors through bi-weekly, check-in phone conversations, as well as provide community-oriented services, like our montly PAF Virtual Book Club. In these uncertain times, we are incredibly grateful for the opportuity to serve vulnerable populations around the country.

If you would like to volunteer with Phone-A-Friend or join us as a team-member, please sign up via the "Volunteer" menu tab. If you are looking to utilize our services as a senior, please find more information in the "Our Services" menu tab. 

Ethan McAndrews, Founder & Head of Community Engagement

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