Kayla and Ethan (practicing social distancing!)

Hello! We hope you are staying safe and healthy. We are Kayla Nakeeb and Ethan McAndrews, two college students who are worried about isolation in these increasingly lonely times.  We gathered a group of students and created a network, Phone-A-Friend, to provide a kind of COVID-19 relief. Our mission is twofold; we aim to connect students with senior Hoosiers through bi-weekly, check-in phone conversations, as well as complete simple service requests (grocery shopping, prescription fulfillment, dog walking, etc.) for those physically located in Hamilton County. 

Community News:


The Talking Team facilitates community by checking-in with and talking to senior citizens who are socially-isolating and unable to leave their homes. Genuinely listening to someone is an act of kindness. We hope that in these conversations, both students and seniors will feel less alone and more connected. First and foremost, we want to make sure that those in social-isolation feel connected to a community and know that someone is checking in with them. 


The Task Team fulfills simple tasks and services expressed by our seniors during weekly phone calls. We anticipate that tasks may include: Grocery store runs, pharmacy prescriptions pickups, basic lawn work, dog walking, etc.. All deliveries are "NO CONTACT" and all of our Task Team members regularly monitor their health. 

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