Phone-A-Friend is a student-founded, volunteer-run COVID relief organization based in the Indianapolis area. We know these can be lonely times; by bringing students and seniors together, we hope to create a stronger sense of community. If you are looking to utilize our services as a community member, please find more information in the "Our Services" menu tab. If you would like to volunteer with Phone-A-Friend, please see the "Volunteer" menu tab for more information.

A Message from Phone-A-Friend's Founder:

Hello! I hope you are staying safe and healthy. My name is Ethan McAndrews, and I am a college student worried about isolation in these increasingly isolating times. In March 2020, I gathered a group of friends and students and created the volunteer network, Phone-A-Friend, to provide community-based COVID-19 relief. Our mission is twofold; we aim to connect students with seniors through check-in phone conversations, as well as provide community-oriented services, like our monthly virtual Book Club. In these uncertain times, we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve vulnerable populations around the country.

Ethan McAndrews, Founder & Head of Community Engagement

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